WindDance parafoil stunt kites/sport kites by Seattle AirGear
Hotter speed and turning than competition kites.  Higher-quality exercise and livelier pull than power kites.
WindDances are "airgear," a new concept.  They fly better and feel more exciting than typical stunt kites.
Our other advancements:  Ergo T-handles that boost feel, control, exercise.  Natural active FLY-a-kite skill.
WindDancing is like driving!
Skills are the same! Feel is the same!

Pulling one control handle back relative to the other does the same as turning the steering wheel.
The more you move it, the sharper the turn.
And it feels the same, too: the steering force RISES when you turn.
This feel is engineered into all cars, and also into WindDances, to enhance control.

Pulling on your kite line(s) does the same as stepping on the gas.
The harder you pull, the faster it goes straight or turns-&-spins.
The farther you pull, the longer it goes straight or turns-&-spins.

You feel the force RISE when you accelerate!

You feel the force RISE when turn!

With other dual-line kites:
The steering force drops when you turn, which causes loss of turning power and excitement,
and reduces your ability to control.
Pulling on hard one line results in less-spirited turning, or in poor turning,
or the kite falls out of the sky, or something in the kite breaks,
so you don't dare step on the gas while turning hard.
Suppose you suddenly crank the steering wheel all the way over
AND stomp on the gas!

A car rolls over.

A typical sport kite or power kite turns poorly, or breaks, or falls out of the sky.

A WindDance spins fast, tightly, and powerfully!
Use the driving analogy to troubleshoot FLYING skill!

Doesn't turn sharply enough?  Turn the steering wheel lots more!

Collapses at the edge?  Keep your foot at least lightly on the gas!

Collapses while turning?  Instead of taking your foot off the gas, give it some gas!

Doesn't turn or spin fast enough?  Give it more gas! Lots of gas!

Delta-kite flyers experience these FLYING difficulties more than beginners do.
This web site explains why.
The cure? Simply step on the gas when needed -- and you'll have no more FLYING difficulties!

WindDance dual-line parafoil stunt kites/sport kites are developed, sold, and backed by Seattle AirGear.
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