WindDance parafoil stunt kites/sport kites by Seattle AirGear
Hotter speed and turning than competition kites.  Higher-quality exercise and livelier pull than power kites.
WindDances are "airgear," a new concept.  They fly better and feel more exciting than typical stunt kites.
Our other advancements:  Ergo T-handles that boost feel, control, exercise.  Natural active FLY-a-kite skill.
WindDancing is the
OPPOSITE of trick flying
in skill, performance, fun, and exercise!

Trick flying:
You use punch-&-jerk
slacken-your-kite-line skills to
pull, speed, & FLYING.
Pull & speed drop when you punch-turn.
You get little speed-&-turning thrill,
and little exercise.

You smoothly
pull on your kite lines to
pull, speed, & FLYING!
Pull & speed rise when you pull-turn!
You get loads of speed-&-turning thrill,
and wonderful exercise!
WindDancing is HOTTER
and more EXCITING
than competition & trick flying!

Competition & trick flying:
You punch-turn for SLOW & POWERLESS turns.
(Your kite may pivot fast with half of it flying backwards, but it FLIES slowly during such a turn.)
LOW to MODERATE edge to power-zone acceleration & speed.
LOW to MODERATE acceleration & speed when gusts hit.
Speed & pull DROP when you turn.
Little speed & turning excitement. Or exercise.

You pull-turn for FAST & POWERFUL turns!
HOT edge to power-zone acceleration & speed!
HOT acceleration & speed when gusts hit!
Speed & pull RISE when you turn!
Lots of speed & turning excitement! And exercise!
And you feel every bump in the wind!
The wind -- and your WindDance -- feel alive!

Ever watch dual-line stunt kite competitions? They look like this: FLYING speed seems rather slow and always about the same. No matter where it is on the flight envelope. No matter what the wind. Steady-even-speed-no-matter-what is required for precision events. (It is achieved by using delta kites that severely distort and lose performance as wind and pull rise.) The kite slows or stops while turning.

WindDancing looks very different. You see tremendous speed changes as it accelerates from the edge to the power zone, especially in stronger winds, and when gusts hit! Sort of slow like a delta kite in very light winds, it flies like a bullet in strong winds! Turning & spinning speeds are higher than straightaway speeds! (We achieved this, in large part, by aeronautically & structurally engineering WindDances to be rigid like airplane wings.) To the public, purely-recreational WindDancing is much more exciting to watch!
WindDancing is
than power flying!

Power flying:
Average speed & turning.
Strong but fairly steady pull that DROPS when you turn.
Exercise is low-quality: from hanging on with your arms stretched,
like hanging onto a large weight that's too heavy to lift.
Low to moderate speed-&-turning thrill,
and strenuous but low-quality exercise.

WindDancing in strong wind:
Hot acceleration! High speed! Fast, tight turns!
Intense pull fluctuations when you pass through the power zone, encounter gusts, & turn!
Pull RISES when you turn!
Awesome speed-&-turning thrill,
and high-quality exercise from lots of turning with plenty of arm motion -- from pumping air!

WindDance dual-line parafoil stunt kites/sport kites are developed, sold, and backed by Seattle AirGear.
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